No cash for carbon! No paying to pollute!

This video was created at Elephant & Castle, the site of the massive @lendlease Elephant Park development which is reliant on carbon offsetting to achieve its carbon targets. Offsetting does not deliver a reduction in carbon. It takes years and years for trees to grow and capture the carbon which is being ‘off-set’ by an offsetting scheme, while the carbon being emitted by big construction projects is happening as you read this sentence.

We cannot release carbon now and hope for the best by planting trees – we need to stop releasing that carbon and also plant trees.

The construction industry produces 38 per cent of all CO2 emissions. Ways of actually reducing these emissions include refurbishing existing buildings rather than demolishing them and building new ones, and taking action to stop flats and houses lying empty.

Developers like Lendlease are using offsetting as a way of greenwashing what they are doing. @southwarkcouncil must not accept offsetting promises when making decisions on approving future developments. Carbon offsetting is not going to save us from catastrophic climate change, it’s just PR.

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