Protect Southwark Green Spaces – No More Land Grabs by Developers!

XR Southwark was out at Burgess Park on Saturday to protest the potential loss of an area of Metropolitan Open Land on Southampton Way to developers, when it could and should be turned into green space that is open to the public.

City green spaces are vital. They improve the physical and mental health of residents by giving them somewhere to walk, run, play sport, relax, meet friends and family and spend time outdoors and in nature. Trees growing in green spaces contribute to cleaner air and provide a place for nature to thrive, creating hubs on biodiversity within the Borough.

What is happening by Burgess Park is just one example of a trend of developers greedily grabbing at green space.

Southwark Council needs to act and stop enabling developers to make grabs for green space – it should be protected for the benefit of all Southwark Residents.

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