LOBBYING: message to councillors on their 2 year anniversary of climate inaction

XRS Lobbying Group sent the below email to all Councillors on the two-year anniversary of their declaration of a climate emergency.

“Dear Councillors,

Two years ago today, you unanimously declared a Climate Emergency. You said this government’s “failure to take the radical steps required to prevent an increase of over 1.5°C is shameful.” We agreed.

However, on the same day, you committed to develop a Carbon Reduction Strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Two years later, and with nine years remaining, there is still no Southwark Climate Strategy. There is still no clear path to decarbonisation with baselines, targets, and measurable indicators. What should be an anniversary of action has instead become an embarrassment. 

In the words of 15 year old Southwark resident Caoimhe: “You can say there have been meetings and consultations, that there are plans being developed. But what you don’t seem to grasp is that there is no reward for effort or showing that you tried. There are only catastrophic consequences if you fail.”
Where is your climate strategy? Where is your climate action plan?

We are reminding you of the actions you committed to two years ago, and asking for a public response detailing your progress, or your lack of it, to each point below.

“Council assembly resolves to call on cabinet to:
a. Declare a Climate Emergency and do all it can to make the borough carbon neutral by 2030.
b. Develop a strategy, working with local stakeholders, to ensure that the council becomes carbon neutral at a much more rapid pace than currently envisaged. This Carbon Reduction Strategy should aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 if feasible. This strategy should be clear in its targets and resources required. It should also be developed in a way that is sufficiently flexible to make best use of new carbon reduction technologies as they develop.
c. Call on other London boroughs to also work towards carbon neutrality by 2030.
d. Lobby government to provide the power and resources to the Mayor of London and local authorities to accelerate the pace of carbon reduction.
e. Lobby the government to take radical steps to divest away from fossil fuels, invest in new technologies to make innovative approaches such as carbon sequestering possible, and reduce the UK’s reliance on greenhouse gases.”

Time is running out.

Extinction Rebellion Southwark”

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