LOBBYING: XRS’s input for Southwark Council’s climate emergency strategy

In spring 2020, XRS members worked in close collaboration with a range of local groups and climate experts to produce this paper, which was subsequently delivered to the council for their information. The paper identified and explored key themes of the climate emergency, each of which XRS believes should be explicitly addressed in the Southwark Climate Emergency Strategy and in the subsequent Climate Emergency Action Plan. In the final section, the paper laid out cross-cutting recommendations for how to ensure that its commitments are actually delivered.

This paper was designed as a living document, which does not claim to represent the official policy of XR, XR Southwark, or our members; this was – and still is, although it was sent to Southwark Council in April 2020 – a living document to which we welcomed feedback, rather than a final position. This document reflects the independent contributions of various groups and members of the community, whose efforts we gratefully acknowledge. It cannot be a replacement for genuine community engagement by the Council. As a general rule, XRS does not tend to endorse specific policy proposals but recommends deliberative and participatory public processes to help establish them; however a variety of considerations follow logically from a commitment to net-zero and this document represents a starting point to support consideration of these.

Please find the document at this link.

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