Our WOrking Groups

Working groups are where rebels come together to put their energy into action. You do not need to have any particular expertise to join a working group, simply a willingness to contribute. However if you do have expertise you can share, it would be most welcome. Also, if there’s a group you think we should have that you don’t see below, you’re more than welcome to set it up!

Each working group meeting is agreed on a rolling basis – info will be available on Discord.

Actions, Arts and Logistics

A mix of block printing, preparing artwork/installations for actions, and planning the logistics thereof!

Lobbying and Advocacy

Focused on public policy and directly lobbying the local council in concert with national objectives.

Regenerative Culture

A key focus of XR in 2020, words to ensure a supportive and sustainable culture within the organization.

Communities & Outreach

Engages with the local community by reaching out to Southwark groups to share experiences and build a more inclusive movement.

Finance & Funding

Manages the finances of the organization and plans fundraising activities.

Talks & Trainings

Helps with new member onboarding and trains members to become meeting facilitators.

Media & Messaging

Manages social media accounts and XR Southwark's PR presence.

Social Justice & Internationalist Solidarity