Join XRS and Southwark residents on Sunday 6 June 2021 as we cycle through the borough to raise awareness about the importance of green space. We will visit representative green spaces threatened by development and hear from local communities how proposed new builds will affect their access to green space.

The map below has more detail on each campaign, and was developed in partnership with Southwark campaigners. Click on the links below to find out more, or see this news article for our position on protecting green spaces.


Timings are approximate, but as follows:

  • 12 noon– meet in Addington Square, Burgess Park, to hear from Friends of Burgess Park about a number of proposed developments in the park (see the map below)
  • 12.45pm – cycle with us to, or join us at, Kingston estate on Dawes Road in Walworth, where residents will meet us to discuss their fight for green space (see the map below)
  • 1.30pm – cycle with us, or join us at, Bells Garden on Buller Close to hear about proposed development on the well-used Bells Gardens community park (see the map below)
  • 2.15pm – cycle with us, or join us at, Peckham Green behind Peckham Leisure Centre, where campaigners and residents will describe the proposed new build and their efforts to combat it (see the map below)
  • 3.00pm – cycle with us, or join us at, Brenchley Gardens in Honor Oak to hear from a very recently successful campaign discuss their approach and resources for preserving their green space (see the map below)
  • 3.45pm – cycle with us, or join us at, Green Dale Playing Fields in East Dulwich to hear of a multi-year struggle from campaigners – and relax on the grass as a group with some music! (See map below)

We hope to see many of you there! Remember to bring a mask, hand sanitiser, and snacks/drink as needed.


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